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Favourite Drink - Double Espresso
Strong dark and the base of everything else - is that the man or the drink? Machine engineer extraordinaire, good customers know only too well the lengths he'll go to ensure they have a working machine. One Saturday last summer, an emergency call from a hotel in mid Sussex came in. With only about an hour before they were due to have a large wedding reception their espresso machine had given up. With a mad dash up the A24 the broken machine was removed and a loan machine installed. Happy Wedding Guests + Happy Hotel = Good Reputation.


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Favourite Drink - Single Estate FOP Assam Tea
Elaine is much like Tea, calm and reviving, strong and in her case no need for sugar (as she is sweet enough). Keeping her shop running like a well maintained coffee machine is what makes Elaine happy.

Usually found behind the coffee counter, customers come to her for advice on everything tea and coffee related, and when she's allowed to escape, you may often see her delivering to many of our wholesale customers throughout Sussex.


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Favourite Drink - Caramel Frappe
The sweeter the better for Miss Lewis. Having grown up working at Drury, Sophie prides herself on fantastic customer service. Working after college and at weekends she makes great gooey shakes for kids of all ages.

After all her barista training she makes her Dad perfect espressos. She knows only too well how much he moans when it isn't just perfect! So much so he is banned from drinking coffee when out and about with Sophie as nothing tastes as good as his favorite Moka D'or.


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Favourite Drink - Flat White
Yuichi drinks 2 or 3 flat whites every day, he is absolutely fab with latte art; a regular customer has a phone load of pics of Yuichi's coffee art, he's always being told he should enter Barista competitions.

He is so particular and has a great palate, when time allows, he is trying every coffee blend that Drury retail shop sell and has quite a few favourites already.


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Favourite Drink - Single Espresso
Single espresso for our Pav, the speed he works at is astounding, maybe a double espresso would be fun to watch one day. Charms all the customers with his cheeky grin - his tip tin is surprisingly full!!! Everyday he is amused by our culture, especially the doggy outfits some of our four legged friends wear on the cold and frosty mornings.


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Favourite Drink - Cortado
A smooth Cortado with Spanish flair, every leaf Ana pours is perfect much to the annoyance of all of us. Ana has worked at Drury coffee bar for some time whilst taking herself further up the educational ladder, and can be found letting off steam with great Salsa dancing.


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Favourite Drink - Iced Mocha
Olivia should be the template for a hard worker, not only is she set for success at Uni and for the future of the medical service, she works so hard at weekends that the Iced drinks are a well earned necessity. Determination at every corner, she was insistent to crack the leaf pattern-now every weekend her pours are great.


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Favourite Drink - Peppermint Tea
Twins do most certainly share lots similarities; however Amy prefers cooking and is to be found in the kitchen learning some great recipes at the weekends, from small beginnings who knows' which direction she'll take after Uni. Whether it'll be a classroom or professional kitchen she'll do great in either.


75 years of tea blending and coffee roasting has established Drury as a name for quality, consistency and traditional values.

Drury was founded in London in 1936 by three Italian brothers and who have built a reputation as one of the leading specialists in the coffee and tea markets. Over the past 70 years, we have become part of the history of coffee – it’s our passion as well as our field of expertise.

In 1965 Drury Coffee was introduced to Brighton, with its first branch in Edward Street, supplying retail and wholesale customers with the freshest coffee available and a wide range of fine teas.

In 2002 The Davids & Lewis family took over the Brighton branch, bringing a whole new level of customer service, selling Rancilio commercial espresso machines. With many years of engineering experience, we were able to provide our customers repair and servicing assistance.

In January 2006, we moved to Richardson Road, in Hove, where we house a service centre, machine showroom and spacious shop with café where customers can sample our large range of coffee and teas. Many of our retail customers have been visiting us since the 60s and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and personal service that we offer. We welcome everyone from the coffee connoisseurs to amateur tasters and the first time coffee drinkers.

We remain committed to providing both quality products and quality service for many more years to come. We offer more than a coffee or just a cup of tea. From hand-sown tea leaves to Monsooned Malabar Beans, Drury Southern is your only local specialist wholesaler and retailer for some of the finest coffee and teas on the market


Got a question about how we can help your business, or want to find out some wholesale prices? Ring our sales team on: 01273 888 600 or contact us online