Serving a good cup is fine, serving an excellent cup is even better. Our Barista training service will enable your staff to know how to express the perfect shot, steam smooth silky milk and pour an exquisite drink.

We offer barista training to all of our wholesale customers in Sussex. We can train your staff on site or your staff can come to our shop in Hove for training. Gaining a reputation for good coffee is not that easy, ensuring that each and every drink reaches the same high standard is tricky. A great coffee starts with good preparation; it is very easy for your espresso machine and grinder to become a very unhygienic and forgotten environment.

We will teach your staff how to clean, set and maintain your espresso machine and grinder, measure and pour a shot, steam milk to perfection and then to get ready to start pouring. Basic latte art will be taught, and once armed with the knowhow, practice becomes a habit and eventually every cup will hopefully show an easy heart and eventually a perfect latte leaf. Top up sessions are available at our monthly coffee club, held by like-minded coffee heads in Richardson Road.


Our Hove based baristas have been trained by Drury UK baristas, who are now certified UK Barista judges. This is where great coffee becomes a part of everyday life, the passion for drinking and sharing coffee knows no boundaries.


Got a question about how we can help your business, or want to find out some wholesale prices? Ring our sales team on: 01273 888 600 or contact us online