Reliability is an essential requirement, which is why Drury prefers to recommend the Rancilio range of espresso machines. Italian built, sturdy stainless steel with an attractive design.

We are able to offer expert advice on the selection of your espresso machine and superb service from our team of factory trained engineers.

As the sole UK importer of Rancilio coffee machines since 1990, we are able to offer unparalleled experience in the supply of their superb range. From the clean, simple lines of the Rancilio Epoca to the stylish sophistication of the Rancilio Classe 10 with its unique auto-frother, the iSteam. Rancilio espresso machines, crafted in Milan since 1927, offer something special for every establishment. We have an impressive array of customers from well known national chains to independents, which include coffee bars, hotels, restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars. Please contact our sales team to find out more about our fantastic range of Rancilio traditional coffee machines.

Is a fully-automatic bean-to-cup machine the right option for you? Do you sell mainly take-away coffees and need a machine designed specifically for this? How many group heads do you need? Our experienced sales team will offer you simple, useful advice and we never employ "hard-sell" techniques. We often have a wide variety of special offers running, so please make sure you call or email us for the latest price.


The Classe 10 USB is Rancilio's flagship model. Its high-tech features surpass even those of the Classe 9 and the stunning design lends itself to every application.

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The Classe 9 is a perfect combination of design and technology. A solid constructed machine featuring steel side panels with numerous features to make the Barista's work more efficient. Also available as a "Tall" version.

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The Classe 7 series of espresso machines forms the core of the Rancilio range, with a variety of sizes to suit every application. Also available as a "Tall" version for use with take-away cups.

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The Rancilio Epoca range is our entry level machine that offers a winning combination of superb quality and real economy.

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Financing a new venture is fraught with decisions. Drury can relieve you of at least one, unsure of whether to buy, rent or lease, unsure if you’ll need a one, two or three group machine? What will happen if the machine breaks down?

Drury understands all your worries in this area, we offer very flexible plans to help you either build a new business, or if your current provider isn’t assisting with the help you want, we know we can. Being an independent wholesaler and distributor means we do not have rigid rules to work to, perhaps you only need to rent a grinder, or maybe your unsure how busy you will be to start with and do not want to tie yourself into long contracts.

Imagine the worst possible scenario, its Friday mid morning and your machine is not performing as it should. All Drury coffee customers receive our attention as soon as humanly possible, if your machine is not working properly how can you possibly be serving great Drury coffee?

Our rental packages start from as low as £90 per month, for this you could be earning hundreds per day.


Ceado, Rancilio, Mazzer, Iberital grinders, water filters, tampers, milk jugs. All available new to order, for immediate purchase or rental, For the more price savvy; our reconditioned section is constantly changing due to popularity.

Drury UK are the sole importers of Ceado Grinders which use the innovative see-and-set system with continual infinitesimal grinding adjustment. This system allows the required degree of grinding to be set through simply sliding a lever along a graduated scale. The slightest movement of the lever corresponds to infinitesimal variations in the distance between the pair of burrs and consequently an infinite range of possible adjustments in order to obtain the most suitable particle size for the type of coffee to be served.

All essential barista equipment, tampers, mats, frothing jugs, thermometers come within the rental package or can be bought separately. Espresso cleaning powders and liquids, group head brushes, even a step by step cleaning procedure leaflet for your staff.




Got a question about how we can help your business, or want to find out some wholesale prices? Ring our sales team on: 01273 888 600 or contact us online