The Rancilio classe 10 espresso machine is our flagship model. Its high-tech features surpass even those of the Classe 9 and the stunning design lends itself to every application.

The body panels are constructed from aluminium and are finished in a graphite/light bronze trim or the optional Just4You synthetic leather casing.

With the Classe 10, however, beauty is much more than skin deep. The technology behind this machine makes it one of the most advanced espresso machines in the world. From the seven day on/off timer, to the coffee grind monitor and three stage electric cup warmer, every feature is designed with ease of use and coffee quality in mind.

One feature that is very popular with baristas is the quadruple temperature water fonts - two fonts are utilised, one draws water from the boiler as normal, whilst the other is drawn through a heat exchanger and can be programmed to three distinct temperatures and doses, which means cooler water for brewing green tea and herbal infusions and allows you to make americanos without scorching the coffee.

At the heart of the Classe 10 USB is the on-board computer and digital 240 x 64 pixel display, which coupled with its simple-to-use USB interface allows a greater exchange of information than ever before. The computer runs many of the machine functions and the large, clear display and simple menu system ensure total user control.

The design ethos running through the Classe 10 is even reflected in the subtle blue lighting of the display and buttons. In addition, four personalised logos and a looped sales message can be uploaded via the USB connection.

As with the Classe 9, you can specify an optional iSteam auto-frother (select the "Auto Frothing" link to the right for more information) which, together with the grind monitor function and programmed coffee dosing, ensures consistent quality time after time.


• 2, 3 and 4 group automatic machines
• Independent heat exchangers
• Programmable water control
• Weekly timed on/off function
• Automatic cleaning function
• Grind monitor function
• Quadruple temperature water fonts
• Personalised digital logos (via USB key)
• Two manual steam arms
• Or 1 manual steam arm and optional i-Steam wand
• Pump pressure gauge
• Steam pressure gauge
• Built-in volumetric pump
• Automatic water level control
• On board computer with multifunctional digital display
• Programmable automatic buttons
• Electric cup warmer
• Electronic boiler pressure/temperature control

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