The Rancilio Classe 9 espresso machine features a host of innovative features that ensure the best quality coffee, whilst making life easy for the professional barista.

Classe 9 is the latest traditional espresso machine from Rancilio. It has a futuristic design packed with character and sleek yet technological lines. Sophisticated materials give this prestigious machine an air of importance with the body and external components made exclusively from stainless steel and aluminium.

When Rancilio LAB was designing the Classe 9, it focused on exploring new ergonomic and functional design features and then naturally combined them with an elegant and refined look.

One feature that immediately catches the eye is the ergonomic lighting in the work area that makes the barista's work even easier and facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Stunning blue LED lights on the steel side panels accentuate the machine's lines and design, lending the Classe 9 an elegantly dynamic yet bold and trendy look.

One of the most outstanding main functional features is the soft-touch button control. It maximises the buttons' ergonomic design to make starting and stopping the machine while dispensing is extremely effortless and easy. Classe 9 is available in automatic and semiautomatic versions with 2, 3 and 4 groups.


• 2, 3 and 4 group automatic machines
• Independent heat exchangers
• Programmable water control
• Weekly timed on/off function
• Automatic cleaning function
• Two manual steam arms
• Or 1 manual steam arm and optional i-Steam wand
• Pump pressure gauge
• Steam pressure gauge
• Built- in volumetric pump
• Automatic water level control
• On board computer with multifunctional digital display
• Programmable automatic buttons
• Electric cup warmer
• Electronic boiler pressure/ temperature control
• Tall version available

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