Roasted to high industry standards our green coffee beans are sourced from merchants with fair trading and sustainability tracking. All roasting is carried out in our South London roastery.

At Drury our most popular product is our highly respected Coffee Beans, offered in various sizes 1kg, 3kg, 10kg & 12kg. With over 16 varying espresso blends to choose from, at very competitive price levels which means even the most price conscious customer can still buy excellent coffee which has proven results in customer loyalty, costing you only pennies per shot.

We are firm believers in the environmental benefits of supplying coffees roasted in the UK. All roasters worldwide buy green beans from the same points of origin, but importing ready roasted coffee from a third party country like Italy or Spain adds considerably to the carbon footprint of coffee supply, in effect a "double-whammy" of transport, along with stale uninspiring coffee.

Drury coffee is delivered only days after roasting, ensuring that you are serving your customers with coffee that's at it’s freshest. We also offer other forms of coffee whether ground specifically for cafetiere or filter for bulk brewing, breakfast rooms and hotel rooms.

Our Hove location enables us to make easy daily deliveries of wholesale coffee throughout Sussex & Surrey to include Kent on a bi weekly basis. For our coffee wholesale customers in Brighton and Hove we offer next day delivery. We are renowned for taking particular care of our customers should you want to try a different variety or perhaps offer a ‘monthly speciality artisan bean’ to your customers, we are more than happy to advise and help you.


Every customer has different requirements; we suit the coffee to our clients needs. It may be that you require a fuller flavoured coffee, a good decaffeinated coffee, perhaps your business prides itself on only serving Fairtrade or ecologically sustainable products. Drury Tea & Coffee have spent considerable time in being able to offer 100% traceable from source Rainforest Alliance coffees. Cuidado blend (Spanish for care) is roasted in both light and dark offering a light juicy cup, or a richer fuller cup.


Got a question about how we can help your business, or want to find out some wholesale prices? Ring our sales team on: 01273 888 600 or contact us online