High tea, fast tea, speciality tea. Our range covers most well known areas for black, green and fruit teas, Ceylon, Indian, Kenyan, China all available in catering packs from 25kg, 2.5 kg to the smaller 250g and 125g.

Established in the 1930’s Drury tea blending has developed a long standing army of supporters. Loose leaf catering tea is available from 25kg downwards in size providing a taste and quality in various and unique blends.

Drury blends of catering teas help you with a fast turnover of customers, affording a reliable and trusted product.

Catering teabags are also readily available for straight to pot, tagged, plus the newly developed Pyramid bags giving the loose leaf taste without the ‘mess’ are very proving very popular.

We supply and deliver our range of wholesale teas all over Sussex. For our tea wholesale customers in Brighton and Hove we offer next day delivery.


Tea is a British phenomena, its calming, healthy and very affordable. Have an edge over your competitors with a range of fantastic teas that will really get the the tea drinking society excited. Some of our customers even have their own secret blends created with Drury Teas.


Got a question about how we can help your business, or want to find out some wholesale prices? Ring our sales team on: 01273 888 600 or contact us online